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金沙网上娱乐送27:Fund 2017 full-year earnings gains Pony Food and beverage theme fund lead

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内容摘要: Fund Investment Closing in 2017,Equity Fund , Mixed Fund, Index Fund and QDII Fund's overall annual returns are above 10% for the whole yea...

Fund Investment Closing in 2017, Equity Fund , Mixed Fund, Index Fund and QDII Fund's overall annual returns are above 10% for the whole year. One of the heavy warehouse liquor stocks food and beverage theme funds lead the market. Looking forward to fund investment in 2018, some fund managers said that the blue-value theme fund will still bring steady returns to investors.

According to Shanghai Securities data, the average yield of QDII funds for FY17 was 15.65%, leading all kinds of funds, stocks and mixed funds of The average yields were 13.16% and 13.55% respectively. The average annual growth of the index funds was 12.23% on average %, Bond Fund Performance was lower with an average increase of 2.16%.

In 2017, the overall A-share market has been significantly separated. The blue-chip white horse has strengthened sharply. The annualized return rate of the Shanghai Composite Index 50 is 25.08%. However, the GEM suffered a serious setback and dropped 15.32% in 2017. From an industry perspective, the 2017 SW yield of the food, beverage and home appliance industry was 53.85% and 43.03% respectively, leading the other industries. Benefiting from this, the theme fund for food and beverages in 2017 performed outstandingly with an average yield of 51.75%, significantly ahead of other categories. Partial Stock Fund Earnings Performance.

"Equity assets performed outstandingly in 2017, with the blue-chip indexes of Hong Kong and A shares soaring among emerging markets and the indices of mature markets such as Japan, the United States, Japan and South Korea, which led to the performance of actively managed equity funds. However, the domestic bond market was slightly Fall dragged down the overall return on fixed income products. " Boshi Fund Chief Macro Strategy Analyst Wei Fengchun said.

Benefiting from the overseas market, QDII funds lead the performance of raised funds in 2017. In 2017, Greater China and Asia Pacific Equity QDII led the QDII of other categories with an average yield of 27.48%, while the US QDII also recorded an average increase of 17.72%. Fortune Chinese overseas hybrid fund manager Bu Zhenglun believes that the south is to promote the performance of Hong Kong stocks in 2017 the main reason for outstanding performance, but also led the QDII fund earnings upward.

Prospects Market in 2018, Nordisk Fund Manager Hao Xudong said that the investment logic led by profit-making in 2018 will continue and the stock with reasonable fundamentals and reasonable valuations will still have a new high. However, .

Kaishi Financial Products Research Center analyst Wang Zheyu also said that the general direction of investment in 2018 is based on the corporate earnings growth long and valuation reasonable starting looking for industries and companies. Equity fund configuration, it is recommended that both attack and defense configuration strategy to deal with. Offensive strategy, focusing on the performance of individual stocks have better growth and matching the valuation, the industry is more decentralized steady growth fund, advanced manufacturing, consumer upgrades is a good offensive theme configuration; defensive strategy, focusing on individual stock valuation and safety margin Value Style Fund is the first choice.





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